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Real Homes Transformations: A Mid-Century Modern Makeover for a HDB Maisonette

01 June 2021

Project by: Ebenezer
Cost: $120,000

In most scenarios, the furniture in one’s home usually comes during or after the renovation journey. For this particular home, Ebenezer was tasked with working a design around the existing furniture.

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

“The homeowners had shared with me that they love entertaining and hosting, thus wanted ample space to place in two sofas,” Ebenezer said. “I decided to then install a roof on the balcony, extending the living room to provide more space for them.” The original tiles were replaced with a vinyl overlay to keep the look updated.

Before – Kitchen

After – Kitchen

“As the brief was that the homeowners wanted a lot of space, an entire overhaul of the kitchen was done,” Ebenezer shared. “I hacked away the wall separating the kitchen and family room to create a larger space so that the countertop could be longer.” A mixture of cement walls and wood carpentry was used for contrast.

“I also used a different type of patterned cement tile for the backsplash as these are better resistant to cooking.”

Before & After – Kitchen Entrance

“For the kitchen doors, I created the arched doorway to soften the overall look,” he said. “The cement and wood inside the kitchen can come across as too strong, so the arched doors were actually created to prevent the space from looking too rigid.”

Before & After – Second Floor of Maisonette

“I replaced the doors with barn doors on the upstairs portion of the home, changed the steps to vinyl and updated the railing too,” Ebenezer explained. “The rectangular part on the right side is actually an area where recessed lighting is at. I created this so that the homeowners need not switch on the main lights for the corridor when heading to the bathroom.”

Before & After – Room

To see more of Ebenezer’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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