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Real Homes Transformations: A Mid-Century Modern Makeover for this High Ceiling Resale HDB

07 May 2021

Project by Edwin
Cost: $90,000

Despite the presence of a high ceiling in this HDB unit, building of a loft was not permitted. As such, designer Edwin had worked around the limitations of this home’s layout to create a practical yet modern design for its young homeowners.

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room 

“Even though we could not build a loft, I wanted to still make use of the high ceiling,” Edwin shared. “The herringbone wall is actually made of vinyl flooring that was pasted on, and not laminated; the reason for this is because laminate has the ‘joint lines’ while the vinyl flooring gives a seamless transition while doing the herringbone laying pattern. This is also easier to maintain.”

“As for the flooring, I used ‘micro-cement’ because the traditional cement screed floor was too loud and rustic, hence micro-cement is used to achieve a soft cement feel yet kept simple and clean to fit the theme.”

Before – Dining Room

After – Dining Room

“The dining area, which doubles up as a bar top, was made extendable so the homeowners could invite guests and open it up when needed,” Edwin said. “I changed the original layout and moved the dining area to the middle that leaves just enough walking space at the sides.”

The previous walls were hacked down to open up the area and the island was strategically placed in the middle to elongate the space.

Before & After – Wardrobe

As frequent travellers, a compartment for their luggage was incorporated to make packing and unpacking easier.

Before & After – Bathroom

The bathroom in the master bedroom was redone with cement-like tiles to give it an updated look. 

To see more of Edwin’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat

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