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Real Homes Transformations: A Scandinavian Makeover for this Jumbo HDB Unit

06 June 2021

Project by KK Lim
Cost: $200,000

A complete overhaul of this jumbo HDB unit brought about a Scandinavian-inspired abode with focus on giving the user different experiences within each area of the home. Designer KK Lim shared that for this project, the goal was to open up the space and to bring in as much natural light as possible, all while keeping a cosy vibe throughout.

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

The original walls in the living room were hacked down almost completely in order to open up the space. The wood strips, which act as a feature wall, also functions as a screen that separates the main entrance from the living room.

“The idea was to provide a nice impression for people coming over to be partially invited to the living room space so there’s a sense of mystery as they don’t see the entire space at first,” KK shared. “It’s a gradual approach to the living room, and also provides privacy to those in the living room.”

A settee at the main entrance was built to provide ample storage space for the homeowners.

Before – Kitchen Entrance

After – Kitchen Entrance

The original wall was hacked down to create a kitchen island which leads to the wet kitchen inside. “We decided to use wood toned carpentry to add a touch of comfort to the overall design of the home,” KK said. “As the initial colour palette was white, we didn’t want to add white cabinets as it will end up looking like an office and will lose its sense of cosiness.”

To see more of KK’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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