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Real Homes Transformations: Working with Curves to Give this HDB Unit a Stunning New Look

19 August 2021

Project by CY Woon

Having seen what this resale unit looks like now, one simply can’t imagine how the home used to be. With chic curves and a brand new layout, this stunning home transformation is bound to make you go “wow”. 

Due to the unique curved perimeter of this HDB unit, the homeowner had wanted to break away certain walls to not only enlarge the living room but also fully appreciate the natural curve that the home came with. 

“When we first asked the homeowner how she felt about this home, she mentioned that she liked the slight curvature of the external wall, which was different from the usual square pattern of ordinary HDB flats,” designer CY shared. “She also shared that she enjoys inviting friends over and would like to open up the bedroom next to the living room to achieve a more spacious gathering area.”

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

A peripheral curve embraces the space for gatherings

The false ceiling is also shaped in a sweeping curve

Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, the end of this bench resembles a ‘brushstroke’ taper with increasing thinness and lightness

“We believe that design can help to induce certain actions within the space, for example, to relax, dine, or gather,” CY said. “We decided to celebrate the curved perimeter wall by introducing an inner curve that gathers the space.” Thus, a curved bench in grey laminate was created. 

The bedroom nearest to the living room was hacked to create the arc-shaped bench with multiple storage compartments within. The bench is roomy enough to seat multiple guests and encourages interaction without compromising on personal space. 

Before – Kitchen

After – Kitchen

The layout of the kitchen was kept the same but given an updated look with a fresh new white countertop above clean-lined base cabinets in mustard yellow. A terrazzo backsplash is featured along the kitchen counter, and a brand new long wooden shelf was placed above to create a storage and display area. 

Before & After – Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is simply furnished with furniture from local shops, adding to the bits and pieces of retro-like trinkets around the home.

Before & After – Bathroom

To see more of CY’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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