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Real Homes Transformations: A Peranakan-Inspired Makeover for its Retired Homeowners

10 August 2021

Project by Amanda
Cost: $70,000

In a complete overhaul of this 3-Room HDB unit, the walls were hacked to open up the space for its retired homeowners to create a simple and easy-to-maintain home with an abundance of storage space. Taking into consideration the homeowners’ Peranakan heritage, it was designed with unique touches to make the home more personalised.

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

The common bedroom was hacked away to expand the living room, with a colour scheme of white, woody tones and soft blue accents. When it came to the vibrant blue and white feature wall, Amanda shared that she intended for it to be a focal point when people came into the home.

“The layout was a drastic change from the original,” Amanda said. “The original concept that the homeowners wanted was more of a squarish layout, but I did advise that with that, the place may look very boxy and cramped.”

“I then suggested a different layout in which to play with the angles of the home that will also give more storage space.”

Before – Master Bedroom

After – Master Bedroom

The existing Master Bedroom is merged with the previous storeroom and certain areas of the hallway to expand the space, allowing room for a walk-in wardrobe to be included with additional storage outside the bathroom. “The homeowner likes the blue and white combination and patterns,” Amanda shared. “Thus, you can see that this is one of the main colour schemes in the home.”

Before & After – The Kitchen

The open kitchen concept was expanded to include a new storeroom since the previous one was hacked away to create additional space in the Master Bedroom. The kitchen backsplash is decorated with white and blue Chinois accented tiles.

Traditional Peranakan-inspired glass panels can be seen as part of the dishrack cover and on the blue storeroom door, which contrasts nicely with the kitchen’s dark concrete floor.

Before & After – Bathroom

The bathroom is fitted with blue Peranakan-style wall tiles which blend well with the blue-and-white colour scheme in the kitchen

To see more of Amanda’s work, visit her profile at The Happitat.

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