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A Unique HDB Home Featuring a Curved Bench with Hidden Storage Spaces

16 August 2021

What a twist! Check out how one homeowner turned her curvy home into a safe haven for hosting friends and family.   

A home that is made of sleek curves – now that’s something that you don’t commonly find in Singapore these days. Due to the fixed, squarish layouts of many HDB homes, adding curvature may sometimes prove a challenge especially if certain structural walls cannot be taken down. Luckily for this homeowner, the unique structure of the entire HDB block was already built with a curved perimeter. 

Appreciating the gentle curve of the outer wall of the unit, the homeowner of this resale home shared with designer, CY Woon, her intention of removing one of the bedrooms to enlarge the living room space and to also reveal more of the curved shape.

The Curved Living Room

This peripheral bench provides ample seating space while concealing hidden storage spaces below. As the bench encircles the space, the arc physically connects the seated guests yet gives them enough personal space at the respective corners. 

The beginning of the curved bench is shaped like the bow of a boat; its sculptural form emphasised by its deep shadow. It concludes in an upward sweep, gaining three-dimensionality while outlining the interface between public and private. 

The entire curve is inspired by the clerical script in Chinese calligraphy, where a typical stroke starts heavy and ends lightly. 

The Dining Room with a Nostalgic Touch

The custom-made dining table is designed with a terrazzo top – a favourite of the homeowner’s as they remind her of the older designs of previous HDB units. The dining table, where the homeowner and her guests can gather, is akin to the Japanese concept of ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ – a term that describes a cultural concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment, similar to a once in a lifetime moment. 

The Retro Kitchen

From the pop of mustard yellow to the old school kopitiam cups as a utensils holder, this kitchen is filled with little nostalgic trinkets of the past (have you seen the vintage tingkat at the top?). A fun fact: the terrazzo backsplash is made out of the same material as the dining table top as this was an extra slab that was on hand. 

Though simple, these small but unique pieces add a touch of personality to the space. 

Intrigued by this uber-cool design? Check out Cy Woon’s other projects at The Happitat today. If you’re still looking for the perfect designer, take your pick at our curated list of designers to find your match. 

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