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Konichiwa! Zen Out in This Japanese-Themed Condo Unit

11 August 2021

Travel restrictions ruining your yearly trip to the Land of the Rising Sun? Why not bring a piece of Japan home with you, literally. 

Having seen designer Eric C.’s past projects that had a complete Japanese makeover, the homeowners of this Condominium unit knew almost immediately that they had found their perfect designer. After conducting their research, the fans of the Japanese culture – specifically during the Samurai era – had their ideas for a Ryokan-style home made possible while not compromising on functionality.

The Modern Living Room

Despite the strong presence of Japanese-inspired features in other parts of the home, the living room was kept simple and minimalistic. Light-hued finishes, wooden furniture and decor as well as built-ins with rounded and child-friendly edges were specially designed for the home.

The circular window is otherwise known in Japan as the “window of spiritual enlightenment”. In Zen Buddhism, it is believed that the window expresses the final stage of spiritual enlightenment. This window was created in the Ryokan-style tea room to overlook the living room.

The Ryokan-style Tea Room

In order to create a dedicated tea room, one of the extra bedrooms was hacked down. The sliding door is completed with veneer finishing and wood lattice designs with Japanese Shoji paper – an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional wooden doors, while also bringing in light to brighten up the Ryokan-inspired tea room.

To complete the look, a raised storage platform layered with Tatami mats was added. Not only does this add to the running theme of the home, but the additional storage space underneath the raised platform also contributes to the functionality of the room.

The Zen Master Bedroom

A similar Japanese-inspired ambience in the master bedroom was created. Here, a wooden bed frame, as well as a screen-like headboard with a cove light design, was customised. Light wood finishes were specially chosen to give off an airy and peaceful atmosphere.

Love all things Japanese? Check out the other projects by Eric C. at The Happitat today. If you’re still on the hunt for your perfect designer, don’t forget to browse our list of curated designers – you’ll never know who you just might pick! 

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