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Colonial Meets Minimalism In This Unique Two-Storey Apartment

09 January 2022

Get the best of both worlds with a mix of old and new

The design brief for this two-storey apartment was simple – a home with an effortless and minimalist concept while remaining functional and practical. Designer Eric C. envisioned the home for its first-time newlywed homeowners to be a mix of minimalist with old heritage features while adding a touch of stylish local flavour to the overall design.

The Social Living & Dining Area

The first floor of the apartment consists of the social spaces – a foyer leading to an open-concept living and dining area. “In the living room, we made use of the existing sunken structure of the living window area to create a built-in storage cabinet. That is also the bar area,” Eric said.

A wood slab, imported from Indonesia, was used for the bespoke, built-in bar top. “The owners do some of their work here as well as chill with friends,” Eric explained. “It gets plenty of fresh air and daylight”.

The dining area is connected to the dry kitchen and acts as a gathering place for family and friends. To transition smoothly between both the living and dining space, Eric had overlaid vinyl flooring. The quartz countertop was paired with a stylish deep green laminate for the kitchen cabinets.

The dining table and chairs were custom-made in Indonesia

The Colonial Stairs

“We kept the uniqueness of the staircase structure’s design, simply staining the steps and hand railing to a darker wood finish to incorporate the colonial concept,” Eric said.

The Cool Master Bedroom

“In the master bedroom, we built an L-shape wardrobe, and made use of the existing sunken structure under the bedroom window area to create a built-in storage cabinet,” Eric explained.

A combination of grey and navy blends well with the neutral base of white walls and dark flooring.

The Classic Bathroom

The white bathroom was accentuated with black fittings for a minimalist and classic design.

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