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Real Homes Transformations: Working Creative Storage Spaces into a Modern Condominium Unit

02 August 2021

Project by Megan
Cost: $150,000

Due to the lack of storage space in this Condominium unit, designer Megan was tasked with coming up with creative storage solutions to help her homeowners make the most out of the available space, all while keeping to the Contemporary and Modern theme.

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

“Since this unit has no storeroom or household shelter, a hidden storage space behind the TV was created so that the homeowners can use it to store their items,” Megan shared. “To make the area look more proportionate, I included a grey mirror at the top to reflect the ceiling. The idea is to make the cabinet more continuous.”

Before – Kitchen

After – Kitchen

An open kitchen concept was designed to open up the space in the home. “When someone enters from the main door, they will initially go through a narrow passageway which is next to the kitchen,” Megan explained. “Once we hacked away that wall to open the space, the area does not feel so cramped anymore.”

6 pieces of glass sliding doors, all suspended by a top hung track, replaced the original wall and kitchen entrance to give off a seamless look and to enlarge the space. Marble-like tiles were specially chosen to complete the Modern-theme of the home.

Before & After – Dining Room

The dining table, complete with granite, was customised to fully maximise the limited space available. 

“In the master bedroom, we customise a padded headboard with cove lighting to soften the look,” Megan shared. “It is also to illuminate the gold art piece on the European wallpaper.”

Before – Guest Bedroom

After – Guest Bedroom

Due to the lack of a storeroom in the home, Megan had incorporated storage spaces within the daybed in the guest bedroom. “There are pull out drawers below the bed, and cabinets above the study table,” she said. “Since the room is quite small, the whole stretch of wardrobe was designed with mirrors on the outside so that the room looks bright and spacious.”

To see more of Megan’s work, visit her profile at The Happitat.

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