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Real Homes Transformations: A Look Inside this Scandinavian-Inspired Resale Home Makeover

09 February 2021

Project By: Zak
Cost: $40,000 

A resale unit can usually be quite the challenge to renovate due to its age and wear and tear of certain features of the home. For designer Zak, these older homes are always welcomed as he feels that they open up more possibilities to channel his creativity.

Before & After – Living Room

Keeping to the original condition of the home, only vinyl overlay flooring was added as the homeowners had wanted a simple Scandinavian theme.

Before & After – Kitchen

The existing kitchen cabinets were replaced with custom carpentry and adjusted to fit the refrigerator. “I usually try to maintain items that can still be used and avoid hacking off too much in the kitchen,” Zak shared. “The original flooring was replaced with vinyl layover flooring and the backsplash tiles were changed as well.”

Before & After – Master Bedroom

The wardrobe was given a new look with rattan-weaved doors, a concept thought of by Zak himself. “The homeowners shared that they wanted to add in a bit of rattan in the design,” he said. “So I came up with the design for this wardrobe and also replaced the bedhead to complete the look.”

Before & After – Bathroom

The flooring and walls of the bathroom was redone with glazed porcelain tiles. An additional half-height feature wall in the shower stall was added by Zak so that the homeowners could place their toiletries on it. “It’s a much better option compared to those stainless steel racks where it’s not as long lasting,” he said. “I added this feature for easier maintenance.”

To see more of Zak’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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