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Real Homes Transformations: Turning a Bare Unit into a Modern Minimalist Home

12 June 2021

Project by KK Lim
Cost: $70,000

For this particular Condominium project, designer KK Lim shared that since it was a brand new unit, not much was needed to be done as they had tried to preserve the original layout. “Since it is a big family living here, the idea was to make the space more efficient and liveable,” KK said. “Most of the ideas were branched off from the original designs of this unit.”

Before & After – Foyer

“A lot of storage space was needed due to the number of people in the home, so we had deliberately built a foyer with storage areas and furnished it to make it more impactful,” KK shared. “The in-built settee area was created so the children would have a place to sit when wearing their shoes, and also doubles as a mini resting space.”

Before – Living Room 

After – Living Room

In the living room, the TV feature was intentionally designed to be lower to accommodate guests who are seated on the floor. “Whenever I’m designing for my client, getting to know their persona is very important to me,” KK shared. “I will always imagine myself living in the space in order to come up with something relevant.”

For the living room, KK had imagined a scenario whereby the children were watching TV and the parents were chilling at the dining area, thus creating the concept of the lowered feature wall.

Before & After – Bedroom

Before & After – Kitchen Entrance

To see more of KK’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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