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Real Homes Transformations: A Complete Minimalist Makeover for this Luxury Condo in Orchard

25 August 2021

Project by CY Woon

Tasked with converting this luxury apartment’s existing four bedrooms into two, designer CY Woon shared that the design approach to this brief was one of reduction. With around 300 square metres of space, the home was designed as a minimalist haven for its retired homeowner and his family. 

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

“In the design of the living room, we tried to retain certain aspects of the existing conditions,” CY shared. “We decided to conserve the white marble finish on the lower floor and steps, while the upper floor and skirting were finished in new large-format tiles.”

“The stepping of the floor was echoed in the outline of the first feature wall which was also double-stepped at the base and attained three-dimensionality as a shallow extrusion for the TV console.”

“We introduced three shades of tones – dark, medium, and light,” CY said. “The ‘dark’ and ‘medium’ feature wall panels were finished in semi-gloss textured paint so that their reflectivity of light becomes sensitive to the angle of view.”

“These panels are outlined with veneer frames to evoke a sense of craftsmanship and to give a sense of warm coherence with the rest of the cabinetry works.”

At the end of the corridor lies a gallery space that can be converted into a guestroom

“We took away a corridor that was on the edge of the apartment to introduce an additional source of daylight,” CY shared. “Hidden in the walls are concealed doors, a sliding door that leads to the guestroom and even a fold-down bed.”

Before – Master Bedroom

After – Master Bedroom

The design of the bedrooms also follows the sequence of dark first, then bright as the homeowner shared that the bedrooms should have a relatively darker colour scheme so as to enhance sleep quality.

Before – Second Bedroom

After – Second Bedroom

Before & After – Layout

To see more of CY’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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