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Go Bold in Style: Homes that Absolutely Pop

20 December 2021

Adding bold and striking colours into your home can sound a little daunting, especially if you’re one to stay safe with neutral colours throughout your life. Though a neutral colour scheme may seem like the safer option when it comes to your interior, bold colours are a great way to add some personality and fun without cluttering your home with too much furniture.

Bold colours make bold statements and are simply the perfect addition to make your home stand out as colours can add visual depth and interest to a room. Research has even shown that certain colours can encourage people to linger longer after a meal or even improve moods. Ultimately, a standout colour throughout can help to transform a house into a personalised, one-of-a-kind home.

1) Tampines Greenverge by Magdalene

A great example of adding bold colours to your home without painting any walls would be to integrate these colours through accessories and decor while maintaining neutral-toned walls. In this Tampines Greenverge project by designer Magdalene, the blue sofa and curtains make the living room pop. This is also the perfect approach for those who are just starting on adding colours and aren’t completely certain on a more brightly coloured space – the commitment to this trend is not permanent since no walls were painted, but it allows homeowners to still embrace this in a big way.

Just like the living room, the dining area is also made up of neutral walls with a dash of colour.

The unique way of incorporating bold colours into this home can be seen throughout all rooms in the house – the surroundings are kept muted and toned down while the striking colours come in the form of its furniture.

2) 218 Bishan Street 23 by Eric C.

Opting for a darker, bold colour on the walls followed by layering bold but contrasting colours in the rest of the space is another great way to amp up your home. In designer Eric C.’s 218 Bishan Street 23 project, the dark grey walls are contrasted with the pop of yellow, together with the art pieces on the wall.

When working with bold colors, do keep in mind to retain some neutrals as well. These hues provide a space for the eye to rest from the bold colours, leaving room for the rest of your home to be as bright and striking as you want.

3) Woodlands Drive 14 by Debbie

Whites are essential for boldly-decorated rooms as they contrast your focal pieces to make them appear sharp and attractive. In the Woodlands Drive 14 project by designer Debbie, the walls were kept white while the rest of the furniture pieces were splashed in colour. Throughout the home, green hues are incorporated into various elements as the home’s very own statement colour.

The green hues are further accentuated by the unique patterned tiles in the kitchen backsplash.

4) Dawson by Ean & Chooyih

Another way to dive into this trend would be to go all out with a combination of colourful walls, furniture, and decor. A well-thought-out design and colour palette can ensure seamless coordination between the various colours. In order to achieve this, consider a colour palette with two to three standout and coordinating colours, then repeat these colours in the different elements of the home. As seen in the Dawson project by designers Ean & Chooyih, the colours red and yellow can be prominently seen throughout the home.

The olive green accent wall helps to break up the room a little while still adding visual interest.

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