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4 Timeless Mid-Century Modern Homes for The Old Souls

24 October 2021

What defines a Mid-Century Modern home? Just like the name suggests, this unique style of interior design was popularised during the mid-1900s (specifically from the 40s to the 60s) and is defined by the use of wood (especially teak and oak), clean, simple lines and functionality. This style is easily adaptable in many areas of your home and gives off a timeless look to the space.

Giving off fresh vibes with a retro feel, the most distinguishing feature of this style is its simplicity, which prides itself on the usage of clean lines and a neat finish with a classic and subtle look that could be mistaken for minimalism at best. These fuss-free, functional designs evoke timelessness and are a great addition to any modern home.

1) Cavenagh Gardens by Serene

Inspired by the Kinfolk slow living lifestyle, designer Serene’s Cavenagh Gardens project was designed with neutral colours to fit the Mid Century Modern theme. Staying true to the theme, this home is clutter-free and focuses on large pieces of furniture. The colour scheme is kept muted with dusty grey with pink and beige undertones to complement the pale timber and concrete look.

2) Depot Heights by Jack & Kai

The Mid-Century Modern style is calming; colours such as white, grey, brown, dark green, beige, and are one of the frequently used palettes. Another characteristic of this style’s furniture and decor is contemporary wood furniture with clean lines, as seen in designers Jack & Kai’s Depot Heights project.

The style is also defined by the iconic peg legs and hairpin legs of the furniture, such as the dining chairs in the home.

Geometric-shaped flooring was added to create the Mid-Century Modern vibe without overpowering the other elements.

3) Bedok Reservoir by Zak

While Mid-Century Modern is graphic and simple, it is also somehow soft and inviting with rounded corners and simple patterns. This Bedok Reservoir project by designer Zak is made up of sleek lines and functional furniture, while the colour palette is kept soft and neutral throughout. Instead of cluttering up the room with heavy decor, the open spaces were kept as minimal as possible with one central focal point – another characteristic of this theme.

4) Woodlands Drive 14 by Debbie

Artistic lights and fixtures are also an important part of Mid-Century Modern homes. Pendant lights and fixtures are commonly used because they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In designer Debbie’s Woodlands Drive 14 project, low hanging pendant lights were placed at the dining area to create a focal point.

Adding smaller details such as eye-catching artwork to your walls can also help create the look and can take your home from boring to interesting.

Giving the kitchen a unique look is another way to add a dash of the Mid-Century Modern style to the home, especially with the clean and uncluttered lines.

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