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Scandinavian Bohemian Homes: Laidback and Comfortable Living at Its Best

04 August 2022

An unsuspecting combination of minimalist aesthetics and a flair for eclectic personalization, the Scandinavian bohemian style have surprisingly become an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners these days.

Marrying the best of both worlds, Scandinavian bohemian interiors (also commonly known as Scandi-Boho for short), result in the perfect compromise of uncluttered minimalism and intentional warm and bespoke design touches that make any house, a home.

116 Lengkong Tiga by Roy

In this 116 Lengkong Tiga project, designer Roy walks a fine line between the freestyling maximalist nature of the bohemian style and the clean, uncluttered yet cosy Scandinavian aesthetic to achieve the ultimate Scandi-Boho perfection.

The choice of soft neutral tones and a predominantly white palette for the walls is an intentional one to adhere to the simple basics of Scandinavian design. From the white tiled flooring, white-washed doors, and cabinets that blend into the white walls, this neutral colour palette helps to achieve the bright and airy space characteristic of Nordic interiors.

With this clean baseline, the designer then intentionally adds additional curated textural layers, soft furnishings, and artifacts to incorporate a more inviting and personalized feel to the space. The full-wall panel display cabinet in the living room doubles up not only as smart storage but also as a way of personalizing the home with curated memorabilia of the homeowners’ travels and more.

Whether it is a mint green front door, a terrazzo kitchen surface top, soft furnishings like pillows and settees, to the aquamarine tiles in the bathrooms, this sentiment of balancing unexpected yet inviting surprises of textures or pops of colours persists throughout the home.

288 Jurong East Street by Schubert & Annie

Picture-perfect, and hitting all the right notes of the Scandi-Boho aesthetic, this 288 Jurong East Street project by designers Schubert & Annie is an ideal case study to emulate. 

With natural and organic tones, furnishings, and materials being a common design element in Scandi-boho interiors, the designers committed to the design principles with a strong focus on materials like wood, rattan, bamboo, marble, and wool. This emphasis is clear as day throughout the home and provides a strong cohesive theme that ties the whole living space together – from the Bali-inspired rattan light shades, marble kitchen island, wooden bedframes, and soft wool rugs to the soft woven throws and pillows on the sofa and bedroom.

Natural materials aside, the Scandi-Boho interior is never truly complete without a touch of nature. For this simple reason, greenery and florals are found at almost every corner of the home to introduce a breath of fresh air into the home.

Bedok Horizon by Pearlin

In this Bedok Horizon project, designer Pearlin takes on the challenging task to fuse the eclectic bohemian style with a traditionally austere Scandinavian style to great success.

To add visual focus to a typically neutral if not plain backdrop in Scandinavian interiors, the designer makes smart use of curvilinear shapes like arches, and other organic rounded shapes, as well as contrasting textures to spotlight spaces in the otherwise cleanly designed home.

In the living space, the recessed half moon wall niche in the living space, acts as the central focal point – understated and simple yet curated with uncommon mix and matched earthy-hued accessories. In the kitchen, the heart of the home, a colourful yet earth-toned mosaic tiled backsplash immediately livens up the space with a touch of typically bohemian patterned fun!

When it comes to textural layering, the designer manages to successfully keep everything cohesive by keeping to a neutral and soft Nordic palette with the occasional burst of Bohemian colour!

Waterplace by Edward

Keeping the homeowners love for hosting gatherings in mind, this Waterplace project by designer Edward was envisioned to be a laidback and inviting space where friends and family can enjoy spending time with them. 

That’s where the combination of functional yet simple Scandinavian interiors with the cosy and laidback spirit that is the Bohemian style works hand in hand to achieve this unique vibe for this modern home.

The essence of the Scandi-boho style is present throughout the home in the emphasis on natural and organic furnishing details. From the raw and unique shape of the coffee table, teak TV console, rattan panels of the bar’s cabinet doors, and the wooden dining table to the soft wool and linen furnishings of the sofa and rugs, natural materials are key to creating a decorative yet functional and comfortable space to lounge and relax.

701 Woodlands by Dillon

This 701 Woodlands project by designer Dillon is the perfect example of marrying the best of both worlds from two seemingly differing interior styles – the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design and the free-spirited expression of colours, textures, and emotions in that of the Bohemian style.

From the prevalent use of neutral palettes of greys, whites, and wood, clean silhouettes, and the resultant bright airy space, it is apparent that the homeowners have a clear preference for the Scandi aesthetic.

Because of that, the Bohemian style juxtaposition in this project is comparatively subtle and nuanced, with touches of design elements that incorporate a certain whimsy and carefree relaxation. Toned-down bohemian design elements like the ethnic patterned throw rugs in the living space, nostalgic photo feature wall by the entranceway to the chillout corner with a comfortable beanbag, many display areas for accessories and memorabilia, to the colourful mosaic tiles in the bathrooms, help to embellish the house with the homeowners’ character and style.

Keen on a Scandinavian-inspired home that leaves just enough room for your free expression of your personality and more? Head over to our designer page for more inspirational home designs.

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