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Step Inside This Down-To-Earth Condo Unit

22 October 2021

Bring nature back home in this earthy-toned home 

Having travelled to exotic places such as Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia, the homeowners had requested an earthy-toned, industrial-themed home with minimalist vibes to pay homage to their love for hiking and exploring. The photographs displayed around the home are taken from the homeowners’ travels, as well as the many books and souvenirs from their trips overseas.

Throughout the home, one may notice the grid concept present in each of the living spaces. Designer Amanda shared that this was inspired by a play on the word grit – a characteristic that is required for climbing and hiking on mountains. Due to the homeowners’ love for Mother Nature, Amanda also knew that she should channel their passion into a natural kind of aesthetic to complement their hobbies.

The Woody Living Room

As a result of that, natural finishes were used as much as possible in order to create an earthy, nature-inspired home. Half of the original painted wall was clad with cement screed to create a nature-like enclave.

A veneer wood material was used to create and mimic the natural wood aesthetic on the bookshelf – a place where they can display their books, souvenirs and collection of whisky bottles.

The Earthy Dining Room

To avoid cluttering the small dining area, a customised hanging metal rack was added for multipurpose use – to act as a planter, hanging of lights and storing their other collection of bottles. A natural wooden table with blue veins sits below the rack.

The flooring was overlaid with micro cement finishes for the industrial and natural flooring feel.

The curved corridor was designed to feel like a mini gallery to display their travel photography. Painted dark blue on purpose, this helps to create a hip and snazzy gallery lookalike space.

The Gridded Kitchen

The backsplash for the kitchen was overlaid with white grid tiles and the glass divider was replaced with a metal grid panel – allowing the homeowners to hang their keys and attach other forms of knick-knacks to it. With both designs being grids, they cohesively complement each other.

The Au Naturel Bedrooms

A similar cement screed and natural wood element were also added to the master bedroom; additional shelvings were created to display their smaller plants and paintings. The wardrobe, which is finished in metal laminate, gives off a polished look against the cement texture finish. The wardrobe was kept in its original condition to provide contrast between the two different materials.

The second bedroom was converted into a study area with a working table and grid design top hung shelves. A storage daybed was added to function as both a storage area as well as a resting area for guests.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, its walls were overlaid with cement screed on one side and subway tiles on another in gradation tone to follow the grid concept inside.

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