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Real Home Transformations: Black to Basics with this Dramatic HDB Resale Makeover

08 February 2022

Project by Jax & Joshua
Cost: $50,000

Move aside, pastels; black is in.

With a love for the colour black and all things monochromatic, the homeowners of this HDB unit knew exactly what they had wanted. “A darker theme was requested as the homeowners made it very clear that they love the colour black,” Designer Joshua said. “So much so that they wanted to have it wherever they could!”

Before – The Living Room

After – The Living Room 

The new living room floors were overlaid with black stone vinyl

The use of walnut was introduced throughout the home to bring about a sense of balance 

“As a designer, not only did we want to introduce the colour black, we also wanted to add visual interest to the overall space,” Joshua explained. “We utilised black in various forms such as the pegboard, in the vinyl overlay as well as the tiles that were used.”

“The living room was previously segregated but we decided to open it up in the new design,” He added. “This is because when working with a colour like black, opening it up helps to retain a sense of space rather than it feeling claustrophobic.”

Before – The Master Bedroom

After – The Master Bedroom

A sliding door wardrobe with fluted glass doors was added and kept to the running monochromatic theme

Before – The Kitchen

After – The Kitchen 

The use of the colour black transitions into the kitchen where black tiles can be seen on the walls as well as the flooring. The kitchen backsplash makes use of the same material as its countertop.

The vinyl flooring was extended from the living room into the kitchen to create a seamless transition since the original closed kitchen layout was kept.

Before & After – The Bathroom

To transform the bathrooms, the walls were overlaid and shelvings were added to add a touch of modernity yet keeping it functional.

To see more of Jax & Joshua’s work, visit their profile at The Happitat.

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