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Real Homes Transformations: Less is More with this Minimalist Semi-Detached Home

19 August 2021

Project by CY Woon

Situated at a T-junction corner on an elevated ground, this semi-detached home along Eaton Place was reconstructed from a single storey dwelling into a three-storey home with minimalist vibes. To achieve such a look while preserving the homeowners’ values, designer CY Woon was approached to help transform this home into a cosy and private abode. 

“The homeowners had three requirements when it came to the design of the home – privacy, adequacy, and permanence,” CY said. “Since the home is located atop a hill, privacy was a concern. They had also shared that they just required a home that is adequate and permanent as they intend to live in this home for a long time.”

“Seldom do we get clients who choose to have what is enough, as opposed to ‘maximising’ the available space.”

CY shared that the resultant design is a physical manifestation of these abstract values based on the above requirements.

Before – Living Room

 After – Living Room

The living and dining areas on the first floor are kept bare for easy maintenance, with a structural wall dividing the two spaces. The white walls and reflective floor are animated by the natural light shining into the home, creating an open and delicate look. 

The staircase has been designed to connect to a tiered platform which can function as an extra seating space or a chillout area

Before – Upper Deck

After – Upper Deck

The three bedrooms for the homeowners’ children on the second floor have access to the private family terrace. “The terrace is linked to the master bedroom suite on the third storey via the upper deck,” CY shared. “This open-to-sky terrace features a 20-metre long by 7-metre high feature wall where its vast proportions create a sense of immensity, similar to viewing American abstract painter Mark Rothko’s paintings up close.”

Before & After – Corridor

Before – The Exterior

After – The Exterior

The small windows were designed and strategically placed to allow light into the home while giving the homeowners a sense of privacy.

“The home was redesigned to be away from the shared wall with its neighbouring house; the part that faces the street has small windows for privacy while the back reveals hidden terraces with ample openings for light and ventilation,” CY said. “This detachment from the shared wall allows the natural skylight to enter the home, thus lighting up the spaces on the first storey.”

To see more of CY’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat.

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