Real Homes Transformations: A Vibrant and Open Penthouse Unit with a View

11 May 2021

Project by: Bing Wong
Cost: $330,000

The design of this Penthouse unit was fully inspired by the gorgeous sea view that the unit overlooks. With plenty of natural light, Bing Wong had designed this home such that the homeowners could enjoy the amazing view right from their living room. 

Before – Living Room

After – Living Room

“The endless sea view from the unit is breathtaking,” Bing Wong shared. “I opened up the space in the living room as not only does the homeowner like to host, I also intended for them to enjoy the view from where they are be it night or day.”

Before – Dry Kitchen

After – Dry Kitchen

“The kitchen island was a bit of a challenge,” Bing Wong explained. “The initial idea I had for the island was longer, but due to the structural wall that could not be removed, I had to change the design to work around it.” 

The original design of the island was an L-shape, where it connected to the wall behind. This was hacked away as Bing Wong believes that kitchen islands should be a standalone feature so that it can be as large as possible to provide ample space for food preparation or entertainment among friends. 

To maintain the seamlessness of the look, the doors to the wet kitchen have been camouflaged by creating it our of natural veneer to match the feature wall.

Before & After – Master Bedroom Bathroom 

“I love the master bathroom!” Bing Wong laughed. “I redid the bathrooms and made his and hers vanity. I also changed the doors to Moru glass framed with metal.”

The one colour tile used also contributes to the elegant look and feel of the bathroom. 


To see more of Bing Wong’s work, visit his profile at The Happitat. 



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