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Real Homes Transformations: A Makeover that Mother Nature Would Approve

10 August 2021

Project by Amanda
Cost: $30,000

Designed for a young couple in their early 30s, this simple Condominium unit makeover takes inspiration from its homeowner’s love for travelling and plants. This industrial minimalist home is designed with earthy colour tones and elements to also pay homage to their love for Mother Nature.

Before – The Living Room

After – The Living Room

“For this particular unit, we tried to blend in our new designs with whatever that the condo had already given,” Amanda said. “A lot of the basic materials and structures were in good condition, so there were not many changes that needed to be done.”

A veneer wood material was used to create and mimic the natural wood aesthetic on the bookshelf, where the homeowners can display their books, souvenirs and their whisky bottles.

“To not clutter the small space, we custom designed a metal hanging rack that can be used as a hanging display for the whisky and plants as well,” Amanda shared.

The flooring is overlaid with micro cement finishes for the industrial and natural floor feel.

Before – The Master Bedroom

After – The Master Bedroom

The same cement screed and natural wood elements were also applied to the master bedroom.

“We decided to keep the wardrobe, which is in a metal laminate finish and in good quality, to give it a polished look against the cement texture finish,” Amanda said. “The whole bedroom concept was kept to match the existing laminate.”

Before & After – The Study Room

The second bedroom in the home was converted into a study room, with a custom-built daybed for additional storage space. 

Before & After – Kitchen

The backsplash for the kitchen was overlaid with white grid tiles, and the glass divider was replaced with a metal grid panel to allow the homeowners to hang their keys.

Before & After – Bathroom

The bathroom was overlaid with cement screed and with subway tiles on one side of the walls in gradient tones to follow the grid concept inside.

To see more of Amanda’s work, visit her profile at The Happitat.

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