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Eclectic Interiors: Personality-Driven Homes That Are Simply One of a Kind

13 March 2023

An anti-thesis to popular pared-down minimalist trends in interior design, the modern eclectic interior style celebrates individuality and personal expression – perfect for homeowners who are keen to create their very own one-of-a-kind abode that reflects their personality and interests.

The bold expression of personality and character that is characteristic of eclectic interiors is often showcased through the creative mix of statement furniture choices, bold patterns and prints, surprising textures, and unexpected colour combinations.

On one end of the spectrum, eclectic interiors can end up looking like a cluttered mess if you are just throwing things together, but not when designers like these 5 have a say in creating a space that is not only rich in visual interest but tells a story with each and every curated piece in the home.

West Coast by Jonathan

A case study in modern eclectic design, this West Coast project by designer Jonathan, hits all the perfect notes in blending the functionality of a modern minimalist home with the bold character-driven design choices of an eclectically styled home.

Throughout the home, bold patterns and textures are juxtaposed with clean lines and a neutral backdrop, creating a dynamic and visually engaging space – but never overwhelming.

The living area, for instance, features a mix of bold and colourful statement furniture pieces amidst neutral practical ones, and fun accessories like geometric pattern rugs that bring pops of colour to the space, all while a collection of vintage artwork and collectibles adds a touch of character and charm.

This consistent playful mix-and-match theme persists throughout the space – with unique pendant lighting and bold textile prints in the bedrooms, a stunning geometric wall design in the bathrooms, and more – a true testament to the homeowner’s style and character.

136 Ecopolitan by Jack and Kai

In designers Jack and Kai’s 136 Ecopolitan project, one will find a distinctive residential space that defies categorization with its unique blend of styles, materials, and colours.

From the moment you enter the space, one is immediately struck by the sense of character and creativity that takes centre stage in the main dining space – with a wild mix of colour palettes, industrial and natural materials, and even different textures. Here, imagination runs wild with not one but two show-stopping displays of the homeowner’s private pop-art and alcohol collectibles – great conversation starters for any social gathering.

To balance it off, the rest of the home is significantly more tapered down in bold creative design, leaning towards a more pared down and uncluttered design for a more relaxed atmosphere – while tied together by a cohesive theme of unique and bold palettes for the walls in each room and statement floor rugs.

218 Bishan St 23 by Eric & Terence

This maisonette project by designers Eric & Terence is a masterclass in how one-of-a-kind interior design can truly transform a cookie-cutter HDB space into a functional home with more than a hint of personal touch.

The choice of a unique colour scheme of teal and yellow is key to creating a cohesive theme throughout the home, adding visual interest without overwhelming the senses.

In the living space, a mix of vintage and modern furniture creates a cosy and comfortable space that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone add texture and warmth to the room, while the bright colours of the furnishings create a playful and lively atmosphere perfect for socializing.

In the bedrooms, practical design elements like soft lighting and built-in storage are tapered with interesting creative touches like a stunning floral wallpapered wall and Victorian-esque panelled headboards – charming yet practical for everyday living.

Telok Blangah by Debbie

For this Telok Blangah HDB project, designer Debbie was tasked to incorporate the homeowner’s many quirky artefacts and art collectibles from their travels all over the world into the home design. The result? An eclectic travel-inspired space that artfully conveys not only the homeowner’s fun-filled personality but also plenty of interesting stories in every nook and cranny!

Upon entering the apartment, one is immediately struck by the contrasting use of bold colours and vibrant art against a clean uncluttered neutral backdrop.

In the living, dining, and bedrooms, there’s a clear oriental and south Asian influence with furnishings like the display wall of South Asian artwork, a ceramic vase that doubles up as a stool or small side table, the red tea tray, and nostalgic teakwood dining table and cabinets. 

In the kitchen, the Latin American influences dominate with the use of patterned tiles sourced from Mexico on the backsplash and colourful cookware creating an interesting and eye-catching visual focal point, while the sleek and modern appliances add a touch of sophistication to the space.

#P010 by Jax & Joshua

Can the eclectic interior style work in a small space like Singapore’s HDB and condominium flats? With this #P010 project, designers Jax & Joshua showcase how a unique blend of materials, textures, and colours can come together to create a space that is both sophisticated yet visually striking, even in a limited space.

With the constraint of space, designers have to think out of the box to incorporate character into the home without compromising on functionality.

The overall space keeps to a minimalist colour palette of white, black, and grey to create a clean and polished backdrop, while introducing eclectic touches in the form of art pieces and decorative fixtures, pops of colours and even bold geometric patterns to add a playful contrast and break the monochromatic look and feel.

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