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Monochromatic Homes that are Anything But Boring

28 October 2021

Apart from just being effortlessly stylish, monochromatic interiors are also amazingly versatile. They can go from timeless and classic to edgy and modern, bringing out different moods in your home. In Ancient Greek history, monochrome simply means having one colour (or different hues within that one shade), or going black and white.

Though common, not all monochromatic themes are strictly black and white; the space can include shades of one main colour and layering these shades can create a stunning and timeless look. When you design with a monochromatic colour theme in mind, the same hue throughout the elements in a room is used. As such, this can include a sofa in the darkest shade of blue while the walls are painted pastel blue.

1) Mackenzie by CK Low

Playing around with muted colours is a key feature in designer CK Low’s Mackenzie project. Grey is a classic neutral that is always in style and has proven its versatility in many interior trends throughout the years. This unique home is made up entirely of greys and off-whites, creating a harmonious and systematic vibe throughout. The curves in the different features of the home and arched windows add a sense of elegance and give a smooth transition to the different areas of the home.

The natural light in the bedroom compliments the monochromatic theme throughout

2) Sin Ming Ave by Dess

Instead of using black and white tones, this Sin Ming Ave project by designer Dess made use of a lighter colour scheme for this home’s monochromatic look to complement the nature-inspired theme. A colour palette of off-whites, greys and blacks, together with a lighter shade of materials, were used throughout. Using white in a monochrome space can also make the home look minimalistic while not actually being minimalist.

Black coated mild steel glass doors mark a welcoming entryway to the reading area.

The varying shades of grey and black match perfectly with the checkered flooring of the kitchen.

3) Open Space by Joey K.

Shades of blacks have a dramatic, glamorous edge and never go out of style. Designer Joey K.’s Open Space project is one such example of dark glamour – inspired by modern art galleries where simplicity meets elegance, the home was designed with a darker colour palette to create a warm, cosy and relaxing space. To achieve a dark and moody look that doesn’t feel too heavy, natural elements such as marble tiles and graphite were used to add a little warmth; small pops of lightness such as the white ceilings and carpet were also placed in to prevent the home from looking too intense.

4) Serangoon North by Royston

This Serangoon North project by designer Royston was designed with a mixture of industrial, contemporary luxe, and brutalism styles. Brutalism is a style known for its use of raw concrete and steel, celebrating the beauty of rougher textures and honest material finishes thus maintaining the original colour of these raw materials. A major part of adopting this style was the decision not to have any white-washed surfaces in the whole apartment and sticking to the same colour theme throughout.

If you’re looking for more home inspiration similar to our list of monochromatic homes, check out our designer page at The Happitat today. With our curated list of designers who specialise in different styles, your dream home is just a click away.

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