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Simple Luxury: Understated Luxe Designs for The Modern Sophisticated Homeowner

11 August 2022

For the uninitiated, luxurious interior designs come in two vastly different forms – loud opulence versus understated luxe. The former is very conspicuous in its design and style, with highly recognizable brand markings, choice of extravagant high-end materials, and striking designs, while the latter is focused on subtlety, quality, and craftsmanship and designs that exude exclusivity – very much the opposite of each other.

The growing trend in preference for quiet luxury has also been increasingly translating across to choices in home interior designs as can be seen from these various projects that embody timeless simplicity and modern luxe perfectly.

103 Bidadari Park Drive by Debbie

The spirit of simple luxury is all about being deliberate about what takes centre stage and focusing on accents to elevate the overall space. By sticking to this simple principle, this 103 Bidadari Park Drive project by designer Debbie, manages to create a low-key luxe living space that is both aesthetic as it is functional.

The conscious choice to pair deeper and darker modern colours like dark wood, greys, and blue hues to balance the white-washed walls immediately bring about a touch of sophistication to the apartment. In the same vein, strategically placed soft mood lighting in the open kitchen space, display cabinets, and doorways lend a dramatic tone to the space at night. 

Considering the client’s emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, many of the materials were carefully chosen and fixtures like the hide-away display cabinet, feature TV wall, and wardrobes were custom-made to their specific requirements. From the marble slabs on the kitchen island and bathroom walls, door fixtures, and smart electrical points, to the curated selection of high-quality woods for carpentry, plenty of effort went into ensuring both their aesthetics and long-term durability.

HT by Monica

The idea that simple luxury interior designs are mostly monochrome is a dated one. The truth? There is plenty of room for designers to experiment with unexpected colour schemes within this style – as long as it’s not overdone. This HT project by designer Monica shows exactly how that is done.

The brief by the client? To create a living art gallery, where the homeowner’s precious collection of art had their place to shine while creating a comfortable living space at the same time.

In cutting back on colour by using a muted neutral palette of greys in all different shades and tones, the designer was able to effectively showcase the vibrant pieces of art and colourful retro-inspired furniture, that double up as statement pieces of visual interest in the respective rooms. 

With a minimalist foundation, subtle luxe additions like wall panel mouldings, brass fixtures, marble accents, and more shine through ever so clearly, adding little touches of elegance and grandeur to the space.

The Caribbean Condominium by Magdalene

The modern interpretation of luxury is no longer loud flashy opulence but rather low-key elegance – a concept that designer Magdalene manages to perfectly bring to life in this Caribbean condominium project.

The choice of a restrained colour palette of dark colours like blacks, greys, and whites, and dark mahogany wood panelling, add a hint of sexy sophistication to the apartment while offering a neutral and clean backdrop.

At the same time, small touches of decorative accents like the glossy sheen of the metallic light fixtures, marbled textured tiles, plush fabrics, and mood lighting to set the scene, provide the finishing touch, adding hints of subtle touches of grandeur throughout the minimalist luxury interior.

The Wallich by CK Low

In coming up with modern luxury interiors, designers tend to fall into the trap of overdesigning the space just because they can. However, the true epitome of a modern luxury interior is a space that is curated, and thoughtfully designed while not at all being ostentatious.

This Wallich project by designer CK Low is a perfect example of a modern luxury interior that has ticked all the right boxes.

The choice of comforting hues of greys, wood, and whites helps to set the tone for a relaxing and soothing ambience in the space. To add visual interest, designer CK Low opted for a stunning curved wall panelled design in the dining room and an eye-catching marble island in the kitchen to bring about dimension to an otherwise monochromatic space.

Lighting, with thoughtfully curated fixtures and cove lighting, plays a big role in elevating the ambience of each space, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere at home – whether it is to lounge around in the living room or unwind in the bedroom.

110 Tanjong Rhu Camelot by Jack

In this stunning masterpiece that is the 110 Tanjong Rhu Camelot project, designer Jack plays around with the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, textures, and more to achieve an unexpectedly balanced yet elevated luxe interior.

While the consistent colour palette of wood, whites, and greys make for a cohesive theme that ties in the entire space from room to room, the designer boldly opts for interesting choices of textures to add visual interest to each space.

In the spacious living room, the contrasting teak wood ceiling against the grey tiled flooring, along with an eye-catching yet unconventional light chandelier, immediately infuses a subdued sense of luxury into the space.

In the kitchen, a striking feature wall, marble backsplashes, full-height glass display cabinets, storage cabinets, top-in-class appliances, and a long kitchen island exudes a vibe of a high-end professional kitchen.

Bartley Ridge by Megan

In this Bartley Ridge project, designer Megan aimed for a balance between an elevated yet comfortable finish for this family of three. With the right choice of materials, textures, fixtures, and colours, she managed to achieve just that.

In this project, the focus on natural materials like marble, stone, and wood, is a running theme that blends seamlessly across the spaces. From marble-like flooring in the living room, wood flooring in the bedrooms, TV feature wall, and marble backsplash in the bathroom, to the granite dining table, this consistent use of materials provides a smooth transition from room to room while also exuding a timeless and sophisticated feel. 

To keep the space clean and uncluttered at all times, custom-made cabinetry like the TV feature wall, and kitchen storage cabinetry were customized to keep clutter at bay and away.

On top of that, simple finishes like metallic lighting fixtures, plush upholstery, golden accents in accessories and furnishings, and ambient mood lighting were effectively used to further incorporate a sense of subtle extravagance.

Interested in coming up with a curated luxury interior design for your home? Head over to our designer page for more inspirational home designs. 

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