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Island Retreat Living: Homes That Evoke Laidback Holiday Vibes

29 September 2022

Island retreat living is all about recreating the serene island resort aesthetic, relaxed ambience, and unplugged slow-paced lifestyle that one indulges in when on a tropical holiday by the beach.

In a modern bustling city like Singapore, it is no surprise that homeowners are increasingly seeking to bring the laid-back resort experience right into the heart of their homes.

From incorporating sustainable materials like rattan and rustic wood, luxurious bathroom setups for those little indulgences, lush indoor greenery, and more, here are four different examples of how you can enjoy your own little slice of tropical paradise right in the comfort of your own home.

Siglap by Jack & Kai

At first glance, this island retreat abode by designers Jack and Kai immediately channels strong coastal and relaxed tropical vibes.

Whitewashed walls with pops of ocean blue hues, natural materials like wood, rattan, and linen, and bursts of tropical greenery at every corner work perfectly together to bring to life the ambience of resort living by the beach.

To infuse the relaxed nature of island retreats, the designers opted for laid-back furnishings and fixtures that give off a fresh and casual style that one anticipates on vacation. From simple and cosy rattan chairs by the balcony, linen sofa lounger, and eclectic mosaic tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, to the rustic dining table by the open-concept kitchen area, the various elements allude to a sense of the outdoors and an overall chill vibe.

As a final touch to adding nature to the space, an assortment of eye-catching greenery like ferns, figs, and overhanging plants to great effect, while adding colour and contrast to the beautiful space. 

12 Holland Ave by Roy

In this 12 Holland Ave project, inspired by the couples’ love for travel to nearby Asian island retreats, designer Roy has come up with the perfect design that brings their ideal vacation stay right into their home.

The result? A home that has taken the beloved traditional Balinese boutique villa and given a modern spin with elevated luxury accents for comfortable home living.

The colour palette of whites, wood, and greens, characteristic of any island resort has been put to good use here – with a lighter and brighter palette chosen for the living areas, and a darker tone used in the spaces for rest and relaxation.

To evoke the essence of island living, familiar accents like rattan furnishings, woven wicker cabinets, handmade teak chairs, jute rugs, terrazzo, and mosaic tiles are used liberally throughout the space. At the same time, modern choices of fixtures like fluted screens, privacy blinds, and plush divan beds and more, not only complement the overall retreat vibe but also bring it to the next level of comfort, seclusion, and shelter that one expects in a private villa.

Katong Gardens by Arjan

One look at this Katong Gardens project and you know that designer Arjan has spared no effort in delivering the ultimate modern island retreat living experience of extravagance and relaxation all rolled into one space.

The strong cohesive theme of wood, marble, and granite running throughout the home is very much reminiscent of what one might experience in a luxury eco-friendly retreat with a deliberate focus on natural yet luxurious materials.

To take island retreat living up a notch, designer Arjan generously incorporates accents like Moroccan lighting fixtures, mother of pearl chandeliers, gorgeous artworks and sculptures, gold gilded mirrors, and more, adding a touch of sophistication and grandeur.

Bidadari by Debbie

Love the idea of slow-paced and relaxing island retreat living but prefer a modern space that adheres to minimalist design principles rather than the usually maximalist style in resorts? This Bidadari project by designer Debbie shows you just how to pair these two contrasting styles perfectly!

A subtler take on the island retreat theme, designer Debbie chose to incorporate only the underlying design elements by utilizing natural materials like wood, stone, jute, linen, and pops of greenery, keeping to a simple palette of whites, woods, and greens, while forsaking others that would visually clutter up the space.

The shared living spaces are kept deliberately open and free of clutter with the help of in-built carpentry that blends seamlessly into the background. Within the privacy of the rooms, more pops of colours are incorporated to add character and contrast, via coastal-hued tiles in the bathroom and gallery artwork on the bedroom walls.

Interested in an island retreat-inspired home? Head over to our designer page for more inspirational home designs.

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