Designer: CY Woon

Property Type: HDB

Two unique design requirements formed the base of this project – turning the living room into a conducive study area and maintaining the existing teakwood staircase 

Diagonal lines found their rightful places through considerations of ergonomics in the main space with two study tables, one of which cascades into a seating bookshelf.


The inclined geometry of the staircase was taken into consideration when drawing a converging diagonal line from the wall across, which became a threshold-cabinet that doubles as a privacy screen to shield the direct view from the main door. This skewed cabinet forms a polygonal portal with the staircase and sculpts the double-volume stairwell as a triangular courtyard, delineating the front dining area from the study space at the back, thus enriching the spatial layering of the rectangular floor plan.


At the staircase’s mid-landing, a triangular cabinet – in the closest matching laminate to the teakwood – was added beyond the balustrade like new growth sprouting from an old teak tree. This triangular cabinet also became the ideal location to house the Wi-Fi router in this double-storied apartment.



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