Hillion Residences

Designer: CY Woon

Property Type: Condo

Style: Scandinavian

The space was designed to allow easy switching between work and relaxation, and to create a sense of retreat from the surrounding urbanity. 


Photo Credits: Studio Periphery

The bed, sofa, coffee table, working and dining table are fused together as an assemblage of horizontal planes of different heights to form a sculpted landscape that rises from the ground. This also simultaneously creates storage volumes underneath. 


The approach to the elevated beds becomes an ascend to intimacy, while the diagonal ledges continue the rise of planes to form a sense of containment around the bed. 


Platforms accommodate the sofa and stepped seating to create a sense of demarcation of space without any segregating. 


Apart from preventing cooking fumes from spreading, the glass sliding-folding partition is positioned to define an entry foyer to achieve a layered arrival experience.




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