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Playing With Style: 5 Homes With Unique Eclectic Interiors

18 March 2022

An eclectic style is all about bringing different styles, textures, and colours together to create a unified and personalised home that is tastefully done. However, this unique design style is not completely random – eclectic interior design still follows the basic functions of interior design but without strict rules.

As this quirky design style is all about experimenting and having fun, it tends to bring out the personalities of homeowners quicker and faster. Though it can be a little tricky to tastefully incorporate such different elements into one home, it’s not impossible as long as you have the confidence to do so.

1) HT by Monica

A combination of various art pieces are a great way to create a gallery wall while playing with colour, dimension and style to create an eclectic living room. Adding art pieces on simple walls can introduce plenty of personality and interest into the home

A gallery wall also creates distinctive focal points, which allows one to concentrate on something while in a room filled with different styles. In the HT project by designer Monica, the combination of vibrant art pieces, paintings and retro-inspired furniture blend seamlessly with the formal, muted colours of greys, black and white.

Using a variety of furniture pieces in different colours and patterns can give interest to a space. In the dining area, chairs of the same design but in different colours were used to create a harmonious yet contrasting look.

2) Hougang Ave 8 by Leon

Another fun and creative way to get the eclectic theme right is to mix and match different furniture types. You can have a mix of Scandinavian tables, a Modern sofa and even retro-inspired decor like rugs. This is, in essence, what the eclectic style is all about: blending the old, new, modern and classic.

In designer Leon’s Hougang Ave 8 project, different colours and furniture styles can be seen being matched to create a fun space. The rug, with an abstract design, is considered an eclectic rug as it tends to stand out.

Though the home is characterised by many different furnishings, they are cohesive in their colour scheme as most of them tend to be of warmer tones – making this the ideal eclectic-themed home.

The kitchen makes use of different textures that blend seamlessly with one another

3) Waterplace by Edward

Using different textures is another way to introduce an eclectic interior design into the home. Ideally, contrasting textures that work well together should be used, in addition to colours that complement the design. By doing so, it adds interest to the home without overpowering the other details. The project Waterplace by designer Edward is one such home that makes use of different textures like rattan, wood and stone to achieve a balance between warm and cosy – creating a hybrid of a Modern Classic home with a touch of Eclecticism.

While combining textures is key, make sure to also use one texture at least three times in different areas throughout a home. This helps to maintain a cohesive look.

Incorporating both rough and smooth textures adds interest to an interior, especially when a simple colour palette is chosen throughout the home.

4) Apartment @ Northshore by Joey

A good rule of thumb for any eclectic-themed home is to use a mix of textures and colors, but also ensuring that the overall space remains cohesive so every pattern or texture mixes nicely while keeping a sense of consistency throughout. In designer Joey’s Apartment @ Northshore project, a contrast of wood, cement screed and even rattan can be seen in different areas of the home. Though these textures are different in their own way, they come together to create a unique space that’s both united and seamless.

The wall was kept clean of fixtures for flexibility of space and to also amplify the distinct division of the two spaces

Colour is one of the main techniques to create a harmonious environment. In this home, warm tones such as olive, greys and brown were combined to evoke a cohesive and common colour scheme.

In an eclectic-themed home, elements of all sizes and proportions can easily be in harmony with each other, as long as their presence does not ruin the overall harmony of the space. All objects and elements should be arranged to complement one another.

5) Siglap by Jack & Kai

One of the most distinctive features of an eclectic design style is contrast. Don’t be afraid to try different directions, shapes and colours. Another aspect of this unique interior design style is the abundance of various decorative elements – accessories play an important role in this style as they create contrast in the space and at the same time, act as a link between the elements of the decor.

Designers Jack & Kai’s Siglap project incorporates the use of Peranakan tiles to reflect the homeowners’ local culture, while also adding bold colours that reveal their personalities. The upstairs of the home was created to be serene and peaceful while the lower area, with different accessories and textures for contrast, was designed to be chaotic yet orderly.

A similar colour palette can be observed in the lower level of the home as a mixture of blues and whites were used. This creates a cohesive look, even though the textures vary.

Similarly, the upstairs level of the home makes use of earthy tones such as browns, grey and white to create a harmonious look.

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