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Gallery-Inspired Homes: Open Space Living That Evokes a Deeper Connection with Art

21 September 2022

Is it art, architecture, a piece of furniture, or all the above? Modern gallery-inspired homes are slowly blurring the lines of what is viewed as art and functional home design, making it a great aesthetic choice for homeowners with strong artistic sensibilities.

When one thinks of an art gallery, scenes of austere, minimalistic backdrops, lighting elements, and open spaces that allow the focus to be on the artwork, are usually what come to mind. 

Wondering how one can put their spin on a broad design theme like this? Here are 5 completely different and unique interpretations of gallery-inspired homes for you to draw inspiration from.

Eaton Place by CY Woon

With project Eaton Place, the homeowner’s conditions were clear – the house needed to be sufficiently private amidst a crowded neighbourhood, functional for the family needs, and timeless to stand the test of time.

Architect and interior designer CY Woon’s ingenious solution? A clean, minimalist, and sleek modern abode, both on the exterior and interior, that hits all the right notes. With every room and living space designed with thoughtful intention, there is nothing in excess, creating a pure and uncluttered space for the family to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Skylights are an integral element of the home’s design. Not only do they create a modern facade with its seemingly random but well-thought-out arrangement on the exterior, but also offer a subtle and natural way of illuminating the spaces within.

In emulating the clean aesthetic of an art gallery, the designer consciously kept to a simple and classic palette of neutrals, like whites, beiges, and light woods, allowing for the structure of the home to blend effortlessly into the background while the focus remains on the people and activities within.

Space Paradox by Edward

Imagine a modern contemporary space where fixtures and furniture double up as art pieces that are not only visually attractive conversation starters but also useful and functional in the home. That’s designer Edward’s project Space Paradox for you!

With little to no visible form of traditional segregation like doors, the open concept living space is immediately reminiscent of the vast open spaces, characteristic of art galleries, allowing for a natural flow of movement for exploration inside the home.

However, noting the importance of privacy within living spaces, smart features like sliding door panels, hidden away within the walls are incorporated to allow for isolation between spaces when the occasion calls for it.

In keeping the backdrop deliberately minimalistic, key design elements like the book display, gold display niches, and contemporary marble dining table and kitchen tops provide a stark juxtaposition and visual appeal.

The Mansions by CK Low

Not a fan of how artwork is traditionally presented in a sterile whitewashed gallery environment, design CK Low went in the opposite direction of incorporating bold design elements, making artwork the centrepieces of the space, while retaining a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Instead of having the furnishings and fixtures fade into the background to accommodate specific art pieces, the designer opted for furnishings and fixtures that are stunning focal points that complement the space. 

Just look at that bold rug print in the living space, the gold veined marble coffee table in the lounge, the gorgeous modern chandelier in the bedroom, intricated panelling design on the gates, to the sculptural stairs that’s the centrepiece of the home. Design and art are imbued in every corner of the house, with each “art piece” having its place to shine.

Open Space by Joey K.

An art aficionado and lover of design, the homeowners of project Open Space were looking to recreate a space that reflected their passion. That’s when designer Joey K. inspired by modern art galleries, started to combine bold design with simple elegance to an amazing result.

At a glance, the home looks just like any other contemporary space, with a minimalist backdrop and bold choices of design in every corner. But upon closer inspection, one will notice that each art and design piece has its special display, its positioning deliberate and intentional, with its own story to tell.

Against a muted backdrop of blacks, greys, and graphite, colourful and uniquely designed pieces of art serve as a delightful contrast. From the uniquely moon-inspired rug in the living space that pairs perfectly with the orb-like lighting fixtures, the mod-art displays on the wall, customized artwork on the sliding doors, framed prints in the bedrooms and bathrooms, to the artsy paraphernalia and keepsakes on the display cabinets, art in this particular home comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

Jaya Tower by Raymond

The project Jaya Tower by designer Raymond brings together an industrial sensibility with an eclectic love for the arts like never seen before to incorporate the homeowners’ penchant for both, showing that minimalism is not always the way to go for an “art-gallery like” home.

To best showcase the homeowners’ wide collection of varied artworks across various styles, the designer not only kept to a simple palette of neutrals like white and greys for the walls to serve as a plain backdrop for the artwork to be displayed against, but also utilized track lights as additional lighting for that extra oomph.

One of the main features in the home is the screed cement ceiling, a fortuitous discovery that eventually led to the extension of the industrial theme throughout the home – with hanging light fixtures, black track lightings, to metal, wooden, and cement furnishings in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Interested in a modern gallery-inspired home? Head over to our designer page for more inspirational home designs.

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