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A Family Retreat Right At Home

18 March 2022

Having been in a pandemic since 2020, many of us had missed out on the chance to travel and often dream of the days where one can lounge by the beach with a cool drink in hand or enjoy quiet time away from the city life. What better way to make this a reality than to bring the holiday home to you? Whether you prefer a natural and rustic type of holiday home or one that’s more luxurious, replicating your home after your dream destination can make it feel like a permanent vacay.

With the right details and carefully-selected furnishings, you’re bound to feel as though you’re on holiday everyday.

1) Corals by CK Low

This duplex apartment at Keppel Bay has a good existing structure that consists of a six-metre-high living and dining space, while boasting a panoramic sea view and of Sentosa island. This gorgeous holiday home consists of five bedrooms, utility spaces and an open terrace that encourages rest and relaxation.

Sheer curtains were used so that natural light can flow into the home as well provide the home with a spacious and airy look. The swing door was also replaced with tinted sliding doors to allow light to segue through.

Materials such as timber and fabric, rather than metal, were used instead as metal would have oxidised overtime since the home was located near to the sea. Curves – commonly used in nautical design – are found in elements like the half-rounded, solid oak strips wrapping the dry kitchen counter sides and master bedroom headboard, as well as in furniture forms.

The orientation of the bed in the master bedroom was arranged to face the sea rather than a neighbour’s unit

2) Telok Kurau by Eric C

Take a trip into the past with the nostalgic charm of this walk-up apartment with a mix of minimalist and old heritage features. With a simple and minimalist concept in mind, a functional and practical home with local flavours was created.

The first storey of the apartment showcases a foyer that leads to an open-plan living and dining space. The existing sunken structure of the living window area was used to create a built-in storage cabinet and also functions as the bar area where the homeowners can chill. With lots of natural light flowing in, this is the perfect home for rest and relaxation.

The dining area connects to the dry kitchen for an ideal entertaining space when friends and family come over

The white bathroom was accentuated with black fittings for a minimalist and timeless design

3) Amber Gardens by Bing

This breezy and open home with a high ceiling and large windows is the ultimate getaway home for families. The use of an open plan concept blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, letting in plenty of natural light. With a gorgeous seaview, it makes for the perfect vacation home that’s bound to whisk the family away on a getaway.

With a balcony overlooking the sea, you’ll feel as though you are completely on holiday. 

An open kitchen with a long island table was created to cater to the homeowner’s love for hosting gatherings among family and friends. The entrance to the wet kitchen on the inside is concealed with a hidden door within the natural veneer feature wall.

The curved calacatta gold island table has details of stone wrapping over the edges

4) Bedok Reservoir by Zak

For a non-traditional type of holiday home for the whole family, this resale HDB unit incorporates the use of fun patterns and curved elements to make it pop. With plenty of cosy corners such as the balcony, the island countertop and even the bedroom, this home oozes serenity and calm while keeping up to date with the latest trends in interior design.

When used in the right decor style, arched doors can add a touch of elegance to the space and can easily be paired with other shapes and styles to create a unique appearance.

5) Ghim Moh by Arjan

This BTO unit took inspiration from vibrant Scandinavian cities with a relaxed and homey feel – the perfect type of vibe that one would want when looking for a family holiday home. With a large open plan living room, a foyer was added as a transition space between the outside and the apartment to separate a more functional tiled floor and the vinyl floor that is used throughout the rest of the home.

The floor is lined with custom cut tiles and laid in herringbone paver

In the living room, walnut vinyl flooring is laid with a perimeter border to add an extra layer of texture. This mix of wood element gives the home an overall resort-like feel to it.

The kitchen replicates that of those that can be found in cottages in the countryside – hand-pressed subway tiles give a soft texture yet keep the look clean. Clean cut quartz countertops finish the overall look.

Looking for more amazing designs for your home? Check out our designer page for more home inspiration to help kickstart your renovation journey today.

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