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Eddie & Serene

10 Years of Experience

100 - 200 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 100,000 and above

KK Lim

6 Years of Experience

50 - 100 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 80,000 and above


8 Years of Experience

50 - 100 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 40,000 and above

Jack & Kai

30 Years of Experience

200 - 300 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 80,000 and above

Darren & JC

11 Years of Experience

50 - 100 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 50,000 and above


7 Years of Experience

50 - 100 Homes Renovated

Preferred Budget: 80,000 and above


We curate and onboard designers from reputable boutique firms with strong portfolios.



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What Makes Us Different?

The Happitat

Interior Design Firm

Your Choice of Designer

Yes. You’re in control of who
designs and renovates your home

The interior designer is usually
chosen for you by the design firm

Deposit Guarantee

Our designers provide the first
consultation at no charge and commitment.

Payment may be required for
first consultation with designer

Designers’ Backgrounds

All of our designers are from reputable
boutique firms with strong

Designer assigned may have
inadequate experience or is new in
the industry

Designers’ Portfolio

You have access to all of the
designers’ individual portfolios to
review before booking

Portfolio showcases the work of the firm,
and may not be representative of your
assigned designer

Designers’ Reviews

Reviews from real homeowners, based
on real experience with your chosen

Reviews usually represent firm as a
whole and not specific designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the designers listed on The Happitat manage the entire house renovation? Can I only hire them for 3D design work only? icon-arrow-down

Yes, the designers listed on The Happitat manage the entire house renovation. You cannot hire them for 3D design work only.


How does The Happitat differ from traditional interior design companies? icon-arrow-down

In so many ways! The Happitat allows you to choose the individual designers and not just the firms. You are given the freedom to browse through our interior designers’ individual portfolios and read real homeowner reviews. This ensures that you will be confident and happy with the interior designer you pick. We handpick our accomplished interior designers based on their strong design profiles and ensure that they are from reputable boutique firms. Meet up with the designer of your choice for a free consultation, no strings attached.

See more of the difference here.

Why should I browse through individual interior designers and choose who I want, versus an interior design firm that allocates their available interior designers to me? icon-arrow-down

We believe transparency is key when it comes to happy renovating. By providing you with our interior designers’ experience and portfolios, we give you the opportunity to select the right interior designer for you. This way, you avoid having inexperienced designers assigned to you, or mismatched with designers whose styles do not suit you. By taking the time to choose your own interior designer now, you save time from potentially being disappointed later in your renovation journey.



Are reviews about the interior designers real? icon-arrow-down

Yes. All our reviews are sourced from real homeowners that have first hand experience with our interior designers. We value our customers’ opinions and It’s important to us that you feel confident with the choice you make.

What happens after I have submitted my information to the selected designer? icon-arrow-down

Once you’ve submitted your information, the interior designer will contact you to meet and discuss your preferences and inspirations for your happy home. It usually takes up to 3 weeks for the designer to send you the quotation after your final discussion, and when it has met your expectations, you can continue contacting them to proceed and start your renovation process.

How long do I have to decide after receiving the quotation from the selected designers? icon-arrow-down

You should make a decision within the next 2 weeks to prevent your designer from being unavailable during your preferred renovation period.


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