Chai Chee Road

Designer: Eddie & Serene

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $60,000

Style: Mid Century Modern, Modern

The colour palette and theme of this HDB home is inspired by a boho-chic tropical vibe and sets the mood for a stress-free life. 


The warmth, richness and comfort of wooden furniture flow from the dining hall to the living room. As part of the nature-connected interior design, indoor home decor plants fill the spots to bring a boho-chic tropical vibe.


Customised built-in carpentry is fitted to the curve wall.


Relaxing colours like pink, green and brown were introduced into the living room and into the kitchen cabinets.


Adding curves at the end of the kitchen softens the transition, giving a sense of movement and flow to the bay.


The colours for the DB box are matched to the entryway to blend both areas together. 


A concrete wall has been used to divide the wet and dry space instead of a glass panel. 



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