539 Serangoon North

Designer: Royston

Property Type: HDB, Maisonette

Renovation Cost: $250,000

Style: Industrial

This is a home filled that weaves industrial, contemporary luxe, and brutalism styles. One of the goals of the house was to figure out ways on how to divide the space, but still make it feel comfortable enough for a family living together.


By using sculptural earthenware vases, it adds a subtle blend of contemporary and organic appeal to the edgy gunmetal feature wall.  Finer details such as the selection of different textures for sofa cushions were also considered to add visual layers to the space and also complement the biggest furniture in the living room.


The study room has been designed with a glass partition to still be included as part of the living room. 


A lengthy 6-seater island creates an illusion of depth and a central focal point of the entire home. 


For one to be able to focus on the ultimate theatre and gaming experience, a dark and monochrome theme was used to minimise any distractions in the surroundings. The platform beds were customised to comfortably align the users’ eye-level to the gaming screens.


Brutalism is a style known for its use of raw concrete and steel, celebrating the beauty of rougher textures and honest material finishes. A major part of adopting this style was the decision not to have any white-washed surfaces in the whole apartment.



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