Waterfront Faber

Designer: Megan Zhang

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Modern, Scandinavian

Inspired by a resort getaway, this Condominium unit was designed with warm wood tones to recreate beach vibes. 



The walls behind the stairs were hacked and replaced with handrails and wooden beams to enlarge the space. 


The wooden beams in the ceiling are used to draw attention away from the narrow walkway and high ceiling to make the space proportionate. Rattan lights were used to complete the beach getaway look. 


The countertop is made of quartz; washout Peranakan tiles were used for the base. 


Cabinets with a laminate finish and V-grooves that resemble wood planks were built in the lounge reading corner. The niche hole with light was added to soften the overall look of the cabinet. 


The wooden beams in the ceiling of the master bedroom were added to complete the beach getaway theme; flooring was completed with parquet. 



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