223 Bishan Street 23

Designer: Mandy Low

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $78,000

Style: Scandinavian

With a 1302 sqft footprint, the final design of this home was to pay homage to the view of Bishan Park right out of the windows whilst providing a light, fresh yet lively home for the young family of four in an ever-popular Nordic flair.

An entryway was crafted with a floor-to-ceiling built-in carpentry to visually lengthen the space, forming a much more welcoming composition. The living room space was completely reenvisioned by collapsing the walls between the original bedroom and living area to create a new functional space to introduce fluidity and open up the previously secluded living area. A teal accented backdrop wall was painted at the end of the hallway and the living room to not only inject personality but to aid in extending the soothing ambience for a semblance of uniformity by echoing back the greenery of Bishan Park.


An open concept living makeover led to carving out a multi-functional guest bedroom that doubles up as a reading nook. A custom storage platform that houses an additional pull-out bed with a wardrobe on both ends of the platform was devised to maximise storage space in order to accommodate the homeowners’ items. A sliding glass door was deliberately introduced to segregate the space when needed without restricting the park’s view which provided abundant natural light to the dining area, hence amplifying the sagacity of space and openness, bringing in more daylight to the space. Roller blinds were also placed for privacy if and when needed.


A play area is strategically planned out right in front of the kitchen, allowing the parents to watch their young child through the glass doors while prepping for meals, in turn, creating a child-friendly environment.


Being a family that does a lot of heavy cooking, an open concept kitchen with bi-fold doors was created for functionality and flexibility.


The common bathroom was reconceptualised to achieve a separation of a wet and dry area facilitated by an extension. With a substantially larger bathroom, the wash basin that once stood within the kitchen back was migrated with a vanity cabinet to form a tucked away storage solution for toiletries.


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