The Canary

Designer: Leon Luo

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $140,000

Style: Eclectic

This is a home designed with plans to be a colourful and fun looking one. 


A painted feature wall behind the television is made to be the centre of attention in the living room.


A niche hole behind the sofa was created to cover the aircon ventilation box while being practical. 


In the bedroom, the flooring is completed with thick wood parquet. The walk-in wardrobe was completed with white laminate finishing. 


Open shelves and a high countertop were completed with laminate and a glass top for a counter bar look by the kitchen. 


In the kitchen, sleek-looking blue cabinets with glass backsplashes were used. 


Mosaic and timber-looking tiles were selected for the bathroom. 


For a more fun look in another bathroom, brown and yellow patterned tiles were selected for the shower area with yellow mosaic tiles were used by the vanity area.




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