Tanjong Pagar

Designer: Leon Luo

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Retro

Being a sentimental homeowner, the nostalgia retro theme is a good match for the homeowner’s personality and aesthetic preferences.


With some reconfiguration, the kitchen will be the first thing upon entering. This is a request by the homeowner. 


For one who does not cook, the kitchen is done in an open kitchen concept with emerald green backsplash tiles and a terrazzo countertop. 


Customised floor-to-ceiling open shelves were designed for storing knick-knacks while hiding the living room from the entrance. 


In the living room, the ventilation block was selected to complete the retro theme of the house. 


Green etch glass with floral patterns were used for the doorway to the bathroom. 


In the bathroom, the wall and floors were completed with mosaic tiles. 



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