Upper Thomson

Designer: Kelly Choong

Property Type: Landed

Renovation Cost: $150,000

Style: Eclectic

The homeowners had requested for a home that is easy to maintain using natural materials like wood and stone. 


With collectors’ pieces of Asian art, painting and furniture, it is how the Asian-Fusion theme were born for this home. The vibrant accents stands out in an otherwise neutral colour setting, and completes the entire Asian-Fusion look. 


The entryway to the home had been converted to full length windows to introduce more light into the living room. The bay windows are made out of solid wood.


A grey colour palette was introduced in the bedroom to keep things simple; it also incorporates custom woodworks in white and light wood.  



Straying away from the Asian-Fusion theme that is seen in other parts of the room, the kitchen consists of white cabinets for an overall clean and seamless look. The black and white backsplash adds a touch of modern and contemporary. 



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