McNair 264

Designer: Joey Khu

Property Type: HDB

Style: Contemporary, Modern

This 980sqft HDB BTO flat features a palette of marble, velvet and copper, following the simple luxe interior style.  

In the living room, pops of colours in the arts and design pieces throughout the space come out to play, while keeping a neutral grey and walnut for the backdrop. 


To facilitate social gatherings, the living, dining and open kitchen were segued into each other. Natural tones are introduced through a marble-look tile wall cladding, a quartz dining table, polished silver-grey marble flooring, and in details such as timber strip door handles.


In the master bedroom, the luxury continues with its full height upholstered headboard, inspired by designer hotel interiors. At the bedside, a brass-tone tubular pendant lamp suspended in the groove of the customised cabinetry acts as a dim night light.


In the common room turned lounge and library, design pieces and framed contemporary art create an ambiance of sophistication, while the cabinetry is multi-functional – serving as a feature wall, lighting, display, and storage.


An en-suite bathroom decked out in Italian tiles and quality fittings from Hangrohe and Axor completes this private sanctuary for two. 



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