Designer: Eric

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $210,000

Style: Modern

This home is conceptualised around the idea of algorithms, surrounding three main steps  – Data, Pattern, and Solution.  


For the feature wall in the living room, every single groove line pattern was cleverly curated to hide its appearance as a storage cabinet. 


The headboard is customised with a combination of laminate, stainless steel, and a dark tinted mirror. The tinted mirror on both sides of the bed is hidden storage space.


In the children’s room, the usage of wood grain laminate on the bed and walls was meant to mimic a tree house experience.


The use of stainless steel and a dark-tinted mirror to connect the design flow from the master bedroom into the bathroom.


Tiles of different textures were used to highlight the shower area, creating a distinguished yet subtle difference between the wet and dry area. 




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