Sin Ming Ave

Designer: Dess

Property Type: HDB, Maisonette

Renovation Cost: $170,000

Style: Minimalist, Modern

The use of natural elements was added to this home that is located near a reservoir to incorporate a nature-inspired vibe. 


In the middle, this column stretches out to look like four branches from a tree trunk. The marble flooring with unique grains completes the natural look. 


Black coated mild steel glass doors mark a welcoming entryway to the reading area. The playful arch blends in with the spread of branches, columns and beams in the space. 


Finished in laminate plywood, the earth tones cabinets are curved to follow the whole arched subject.


The second floor houses an oriental collection. The 1.5metre see-through screen creates a separation from the sleeping area and chinese tea collection. 


A floor-to-ceiling customised bookshelf made out of laminate finishing is used to house books and decorative items. 


An arch mirror is used to follow the arch subject on the first floor. White mosaic patterned tiles are used to complete the minimalist look. 


To complete the oriental look on the second floor, red oriental style patterned tiles are used.




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