Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental

Designer: Amanda Pang

Property Type: Commercial

Style: Contemporary

This restaurant’s interior design aims for a chill and relaxed ambience, with a cosy yet refinement with a distinct Italian influence. 


The mosaic tiles that were customized were inspired by the Italian Sicilian Majolica, providing some roots to its origins. 


Wooden look-alike tiles were chosen for the remaining flooring to give a warm and relaxing vibe to the restaurant. For the dining chairs, the fabric was reupholstered with bright turquoise colour to provide a playful and chill character.


The metallic granite in brushed finished backing at the bar counter and wine display gave it a strong texture and character to the design.

The veneer cladding underneath also created with some angle on the paneling to give it some depth. Metal laminate cladding camouflage the entrance to the kitchen area behind.



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