Designer: Aloysius Ganiel

Property Type: Condo

Style: Contemporary, Scandinavian

The design is inspired around “Stockholm”, beyond being beautifully crafted and attractive with the use of positivity, describing things that are ambiguous and obscure. It inspired a layout where furniture, textiles, and plants are used in various areas to create more subtle divisions.


In the living room, built-in cabinetry and open niche shelves were done to create a sense of play through positive and negative space. White laminate finishing was mainly used in the foreground, whereas black and wood accents were used in the background and midground to provide warmth to the space. 


A suspended ledge with LED strip lights was designed to create a cosier ambient while allowing for the placement of knick-knacks. 


A lighter tone of the laminate was chosen for the walk-in wardrobe to keep the place looking more spacious. 



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