Designer: Aloysius Ganiel

Property Type: HDB

Style: Contemporary, Modern

With a clean and minimal approach, the elements of the house have been restored elegantly, combining with contemporary details, making a timeless interior and generally warm aesthetics.


The living room was designed with a marble-like laminate. The laminate was contrasted with brass trimmings to showcase a luxury touch and the wood strip for warmth.


Along the pathway, wallpaper covering was applied to the bare walls to soften the space giving it a more defined design language that pairs off nicely with the TV feature wall.


The aluminium frame at the kitchen entrance creates contrast and a touch of coldness and gentleness to the whole kitchen space.


The kitchen was designed to be a clean and minimal touch by using darker accent materials and colour. 


The glimpse from living and the entrance had a mirror piece that was personally chosen by Aloysius. The mirror brings an elegant addition to the home and with its slim frames and tinted glass, it embodies a dramatic effect.


A feature divider panel was handcrafted by the carpenters giving the commonly used wood strip panels a different look. The divider panels were done with a slight tilt to provide more privacy and also create more dramatic angled shadow play. 


A stretch of wardrobe integrated with a hidden TV feature and additional storage was customised. Recessed handle grooves were used for the wardrobe to give a clean feel. 


The headboard was custom-made so the divan and mattress could be tucked in to allow more walking space.


In the master bathroom, the use of the feature black marble veins was placed in such a manner with the tinted glass was to re-bounce the reflection of the veins to give the book-matched effect of the marble veins to give the bathroom a luxurious vibe.


A darker stone and marble tiles bring out a darker accent for the bathroom to give the whole ambience a relaxed and hotel experience.




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