A New Nordic

Designer: Aloysius Ganiel

Property Type: HDB

Style: Modern, Scandinavian

The New Nordic home features classic Scandinavian elements, with an easy-to-maintain colour palette. 


For the feature wall, soft textured wallpaper was used. The L-shaped sofa with a low sitting piece was thoughtfully selected to give an illusion of a higher ceiling. 


The breakfast counter with wood strip panels adds a quiet and subtle detailed contrast.


A softer and neutral colour palette was handpicked to make the kitchen more spacious. 


The walk-in wardrobe itself gives a sense of cosiness and yet not looking stuffy. Glass material was used to make the space look lighter and airy and with the monochromatic look. Venetian blinds were also specifically selected to provide layering and volume to the space itself.


The bathroom was overlaid with new tiles to provide a subtle and soft look with the contrasting feature of hexagonal, marble look-alike tiles. The tiles were to provide a light and soft look in order for the bedroom to feel more spacious and airy. 



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