17B Stangee Place

Designer: Royston

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $150,000

Style: Contemporary

This home is designed to be a safe haven with a mixture of Brooklyn Loft and Contemporary Cool style. 


Chevron flooring was intentionally chosen to create a contemporary, clean and refined look instead of the usual herringbone style flooring. Light oak flooring provides high contrast to the warm brickwork and furniture with dark, rich, and inviting wood tones. 


The steel-framed glass doors perfectly complement the brickwork and visible cement screed beams and pillars. 


Large sliding windows were used to maximise airflow, sunlight and bring a connection to nature. The gorgeous walnut wood effect tiles enhance the earthy, warm, and inviting aesthetic in this high-ceiling balcony perfect for a space to relax. 


A contemporary monochromatic palette, playing up grey and black shades accentuated by teak, plants and mirrored finishes.


The kitchen and dining area is counterbalanced with more refined features like the sleek stainless-steel effect island, black marble printed porcelain countertop, black laminated cabinets, and bar stools with elegantly thin legs. 


In the bedroom, tinted mirrors and glass wardrobes were proposed to visually expand the space.


The sink is made out of VULCAN porcelain surface which captures the natural veins and grains of black marble to mimic the natural stones, at a fraction of the cost.


The bathroom exudes a dark and mysterious rebel’s attitude, filled with a spectrum of different textures: wood, stone, concrete, marble, and mosaic. 


For the common bathroom, an unexpected Gatsby-theme was chosen to reflect the playful and merrymaking personalities of the homeowners. Glazed artisanal tiles in a rich shade of blue creates a stand out feature against the matte black hexagonal tiles at the side. 



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