Geylang Bahru

Designer: Roy

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $55,000

Style: Eclectic

This New York Loft inspired 3-room BTO was designed to be aesthetically pleasing without compromising on the functionality of a storage area and space.

A long island table, which is not commonly found in a 3-room BTO unit, was added and repositioned to fit the narrow space. This elongates the area and also doubles up as a kitchen preparation table and dining table to maximise space. 


Resembling the inside of a New York loft, the side of the living room is made of red craft stone, while the portion of the wall which extends into the kitchen was done manually via the process of screeding. 


The master bedroom was extended to enlarge the room, and a platform base was built to provide adequate storage space for the homeowners. The bedroom’s door is made up of wire mesh glass to enhance the visual appeal of the space. 



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