Thomson Three

Designer: Megan

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $120,000

Style: Modern

An overhaul of this Condominium unit was done to give it a timeless and modern look. 


The suspended wood panel box, which resembles a feature wall, functions as a storage area for dry pantry goods. Spotlights have been placed in the wooden beam above; a suspended ledge acts as a side table without adding bulk to the overall space. 


The kitchen walls were replaced with glass to accommodate a breakfast counter which was intentionally made to be higher to conceal the items in the kitchen. Sliding frosted glass panels above the counter were used to block cooking fumes. A glass sliding door was installed to allow natural light and breeze into the kitchen. 


The flooring in the bedroom is completed with parquet. Laminate with a V-groove was used for the headboard, and continues to the ceiling to accommodate the cove lighting and spotlights. 


The bathroom flooring has been overlaid with large tiles that resemble marble. The countertop at the vanity area is completed with quartz. Above the sink, the mirror conceals a storage space behind and niches have been created at the side for display purposes. 



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