Designer: Megan Zhang

Property Type: Commercial

Style: Contemporary, Modern

The showroom office was designed with a fusion of multiple styles to achieve a timeless look to allow clients to feel comfortable while visualising different elements in their home. 


A clear mirror with white trimmings creates an illusion of windows to create depth to an otherwise flat wall. A full-height cabinet was designed from wall to wall to conceal storage while acting as a feature wall with cove lighting. 


The kitchen counters are topped with quartz countertops. The backsplash is completed with textured subway tiles, while velvet dark turquoise tall chairs are used to add a touch of accent colour.


In the Director’s Room, the flooring is completed with timber-looking floor tiles, while the tabletop is completed with volakas white marble. Tall open display shelves are functional while acting as a backdrop with cove lighting. A daybed has been built along the window to allow clients to better visualize, while a mirror is used to create the illusion of extension in space.


The tall open shelvings with irregular shelvings and trimmed gold brush laminate finishing, add a playfulness to the space, while still looking polished. The raised platform with slanted steps stretches to become a sitting bench at the meeting area.


Large Italian black marble-looking wall tiles were used as a feature wall in the bathroom. 



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