Designer: Megan

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Modern

To create a Modern Contemporary theme that was unique to its young homeowners, this home incorporates certain Feng Shui elements and patterns to make it stand out. 


A bar display made with black metal hangs from the ceiling to give it an airy and lighter look. This feature was chosen instead of a bulky bar top cabinet. A blue wall with timber trimmings was added in the living room to match with the TV feature wall which is completed with laminate.


The false ceiling with cove lights sits above the dining area. The cushioned dining bench doubles up as a storage space beneath. To make the window that peers into the kitchen look like an art piece, a black frame was added around it. 


The floor to ceiling wardrobe was customised and completed with laminate. Velvet cushions with stainless yellow gold trimmings were used for the headboard. Wall lights were strategically placed to shine nicely on the wallpaper to emphasize the texture of the wallpaper. 


The tabletop in the study is finished with a leather-like laminate. 


To complete the dark theme running in the home, the bathroom is finished with marble-like homogenous tiles. 




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