Bartley Ridge

Designer: Megan Zhang

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $150,000

Style: Contemporary, Modern

This Condominium unit was designed with a Modern Contemporary theme to give off a monochromatic and luxurious look.  


The flooring in the living room is made out of Italian tiles. 


The kitchen was hacked and redesigned with glass doors to enlarge the space. Marble-like tiles were selected to complete the contemporary look. 


The dining table, completed with granite, was customised to fully maximise the limited space available. 


A hidden storage space is located behind the grey cabinets with gold lining and marble-like TV feature wall.  


In the bedroom, the cushioned headboard with cove lighting is used to illuminate the gold art piece on the wallpaper


Black marble was used for the backsplash in the bathroom while the flooring was completed with homogenous tiles. 



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